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      Membership Type: PREMIUM
      Enrollment Fee: $0.00
      Prorated First Month Dues: $21.95
      Total Due Today: $21.95
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  NOTICE OF DUES RENEWAL: Membership is automatically renewed at the end of the initial obligation. If you wish to discontinue your Month-to-Month membership you may do so at any time with a payment of a sixty (60) dollar processing fee that is due upon membership termination and surrendering your membership card. Your processing fee payment may be provided at the club or mailed via certified mail to your RealTime Fitness Center location. In order to discontinue billing RealTime Fitness requires at least ten business days written notice prior to the end of the initial obligation.
  ANNUAL RATE GUARANTEE FEE: By checking this box, I agree to a once-a-year fee of $34.99 will be billed approximately 90 days from the membership join date, to the billing account on file.
  I wish to make my payments to Real Time Fitness through its Pre-Authorization Payment Program. I hereby authorize my bank or credit card company to make my payment for monthly dues, any unpaid past dues, and and other fees, taxes or charges from the account I used to pay for the Total Due Today or from the account shown above. Your account will be billed on or around the 1st day of the month until you cancel in accordance with this Agreement. I agree to pay a service fee of $10.00 as well as any other charges allowed by law for any EFT or credit card charge not honored by my bank or credit card company. I understand that Real Time Fitness may, upon written notice, change the date that my monthly dues are debited from my account.
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 I have read the membership terms and accept them